Quick Specs :::

Creator(s): Taobao
Size: 65%
Price Range: $250+
Build Options: Kit
Switch Compatability: MX
Key Stagger: Standard
Lighting Options: In Switch LEDs
Programmability: Fully Programmable
Availability: Group Buy
First Appearance: Taobao - June 2017

Where to Buy

  • (2017-10-03) Interest Check threads for a Group Buy on GeekHack & on Reddit
  • Taobao - ENDED: R1 was a small Group Buy of 40 kits

Build Guides / Albums

How to Program

Mods & Addons

More Info

  • Based loosely on the IBM "PCjr" (PC Junior)
  • The name came from French, "66 avec de la corniche". A 66 keyboard with cornice.